What are GPX & KML files?

GPX and KML files are a common means of sharing location and route information in the hiking community, though GPX files are more common. Each file contains a series of ordered locations with other optional metadata such as time of recording and accuracy.

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Landscape and GPX / KML

Landscape can import GPX and KML files to save them as Memories. You can retroactively add any hike to Landscape and see your path on a 3D mountain. Landscape also makes for a great digital logbook or journal for all of your greatest adventures as each of your Memories are synced between all of your devices

Landscape can also import GPX and KML files to plan for hikes. The path described either a GPX or KML file is sufficient for determining which maps need to be downloaded to use offline.

How to find GPX / KML for your hike

GPX and KML files are easily found with a simple search. For example, a search for a GPX file of the Barr Trail on Pikes Peak might be "Pikes Peak Barr Trail GPX". Once you've downloaded the file you can use the iOS share sheet to open it with Landscape 🎉