Landscape — Plan, record, and relive your greatest hiking adventures


Plan, record, and relive your greatest climbs

3D Mountains

A picture is worth a thousand words—3D mountains tell the whole story. These models are wonderful for understanding the natural topography before your adventure. Afterward, you can relive your hike and share it with others in an immersive fashion.

augmented reality mountain

Mountain Climbing Companion

Landscape is designed, built, and optimized for mountaineering and alpine climbing. Need to catch your breath? Landscape can tell you the current percent oxygen at your elevation. Cellular data is hard to come by in the back country, with Landscape you can download HD maps to use on the trail.

landscape recording a hike

Relive Adventure

Landscape shines as a digital journal for all of the peaks you’ve summited. See your photos from the day as well as your route on a 3D mountain. Starting elevation, peak elevation, distance,… Landscape can remember all of that for you plus give you detailed elevation, speed, and heart rate graphs.

memory of hiking huron peak

And all the features you'd expect.

Dark Mode

Early morning hike? Enjoy the night without losing your sight.

iCloud Sync

Relive your favorite hikes everywhere, no account or signup needed.

Premium Maps Styles*

The most refined and detailed maps at your fingertips.


Import previous hikes and see your path on a 3D mountain.

Offline Maps*

Get lost, but not too lost with downloadable maps.

iPadOS Support

Multitasking, multi window, and sidebar navigation—first class iPadOS support.

Additional App Icons*

Fun and functional! A thank you from me to you.

Dynamic Type

Read at whatever size best suites your needs.

USDZ Sharing

Send and preview 3D mountains in iMessage. Check out the gallery.

*Feature available through subscription

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